1 : Introduction to Stourhead
2 : Stourton Village
3 : Stourton Church

4 : Stourhead Estate
5 : Stourhead Grotto
6 : Stourhead Pantheon

7 : Stable Yards and Kitchen Gardens
8 : Stourhead House

Just around the corner from the Grotto stands the Pantheon which was restored in 2014. The pictures on this page were taken after the restoration.

The famous architect Henry Flitcroft was commissioned to design the Pantheon and in 1753 local mason William Privett started to build it using Chilmark limestone with a brick and timber-supported dome.

Modelled on the Pantheon in Rome, it was originally called the 'Temple of Hercules' as it was home to a statue of Hercules created by Rysbrack. It was renamed the 'Pantheon' when statues including Diana, Flora, Isis and St Susanna were added in the 1760s.

The interior of the Pantheon is pictured (left and below) with some of the statues, including that of Hercules, as well as sculptured wall plaques.

The view from the entrance to the Pantheon (left)

The Pantheon can also be viewed from across the lake and is iconic to this world-famous landscape garden.

It was used by the Hoare family for relaxation and as a place to entertain guests.

In 1762 Horace Walpole said that the Pantheon had few rivals 'in magnificence, taste and beauty'.

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